Intensive Rehabilitation by Prof. Kozyavkin Method

From the autumn of 2014 and until June 2019 the courses of Intensive Rehabilitation according to Prof. Kozyavkin Method were provided at our Center, jointly with the staff of International Clinic of Rehabilitation.

All arrangement services for organizing the treatment course are provided by the official representative of International Clinic of Rehabilitation – Organization ICMR (Cyprus) LTD.

The Kozyavkin Method is a highly effective treatment for patients with Cerebral Palsy, low back pain and consequences of trauma and organic lesions of the nervous system.

This treatment method was created more than 30 years ago in Ukraine and thus far, more than 70,000 patients have been treated by this method, including around 17,000 from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, USA and other counties of the world.

The Kozyavkin Method is a multimodal rehabilitation system in which the influence of one component is complemented and intensified by others. Its main component is a biomechanical correction of the spine and large joints in combination with a set of treatment modalities: reflexotherapy, physical therapy, special massage therapy, rhythmical group exercises, mechanotherapy, and apitherapy. Intensive Rehabilitation program, provided at Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Acupuncture Center is extended with hydrotherapy.

Different rehabilitation modalities of this system complement and intensify each other and focus at their main goal which is rehabilitation: improvement in the quality of the patient’s life.
Stimulating compensatory possibilities and brain plasticity, this method creates a new functional state which opens the possibility for faster motor and mental development of the child.

It is important to point out that the Kozyavkin Method is not alternative to existing rehabilitation approaches; it complements and significantly increases the efficiency of many other existing rehabilitation systems.