What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is the science that deals with speech disorders (oral and written), voice – speech and chewing – swallowing in children and adults, whether the cause of these is neurological, developmental or functional.

What is its purpose?

The aim is to develop extra verbal – physical and verbal communication skills, the cleanliness of speech and voice, speech production of the hearing impaired people and finally the improvement of learning difficulties (difficulties in writing – reading – arithmetic).

What is the role of the speech therapist?

The speech therapist is a scientist who informs, evaluates and enhances the child or adult skills so that they become more functional while trying to prevent the deterioration of malfunctions that are caused by neurological diseases that occur in children and adults.

In our center you will find speech therapy services which after evaluation, a number of individual sessions will follow with a specialized intervention program tailored to each individual’s needs.

Evaluations will be made in accordance with ICF (new disability evaluation system and functionality) in which our center’s speech therapist Despina Neoptolemou has been trained and certified.

Weighted programs are implemented by the specialist, such as the ABA (early intervention for children with autism) which is applicable to children with developmental disorders, autism and it can also be applied to people with mental retardation, Down syndrome and learning disabilities with the aim of progressing their cognitive functions.

Another weighted program is the intervention program Son- Rise which is implemented almost on a daily basis to people with Pervasive Development Disorder – autism.

New interventional techniques can also be implemented in training people with learning disabilities, stuttering and voice disorders through a computer.

We also undertake children and adults with articulation disorders (correct articulation of phonemes), stuttering (improvement of intermittent speech), learning (improving its difficulties at school), mental retardation syndrome Down, hyperactivity, attention deficit split (reduced mobility – increased concentration), speech delay (due to heredity reason or neurological – developmental disorder), mutism, aphasia (from stroke), cerebral palsy hearing loss, autism and pervasive developmental disorders.