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Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy Center of Rehabilitation and Acupuncture was founded in 1977 in Larnaca, Cyprus and has been providing its patients with the best possible care since then.

The life long experience, the strong will for innovation and the love for physiotherapy, led to the achievement of a life time vision in establishing the new Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Acupuncture Center, in August 2008, in the Aradipou area in Larnaca.

The brand new building includes facilities designed with European standards and is considered to be the biggest and most technologically advanced physiotherapy rehabilitation and acupuncture European centers in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

At our center you can allow yourself to be treated by friendly and discreet excellent trained professionals who are there to help you with your rehabilitation process and teach you how to deal with your situation accordingly in your everyday life. In an open space and pleasant environment, you get to have quality physiotherapy sessions which you can also accompany with relaxing vacations on our beautiful Mediterranean island city.

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The Team

 Toumazi Physio About us - Christakis Toumazis

Christakis Toumazis

Christakis Toumazis was born in Pyrga village in Larnaca, Cyprus in 1952 but brought up in Ammochostos.

After his graduation from the 2nd Ammochostou high school, he went to Sofia, Bulgaria to study Physiotherapy at the National Sports Academy of the “Vasil Levski University” where he also obtained his masters degree in 1977.

That same year, he then returned to Cyprus and founded the Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy Center in Larnaca. Chr. Toumazis was also one of the founding members of the Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists (P.S.F.) and served as its President for many years. He was also the President of the Cyprus Registration Council of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy. He cooperated for years with football teams and Sports Clubs while he continued educating himself and updating his knowledge on Physiotherapy.

In 2008 he achieved a life time dream by establishing the Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy Center; the biggest and most technologically advanced rehabilitation and acupuncture European centers in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

With his life long experience and persistence, Christakis Toumazis continues to work every day, offering his patients the best possible care.

 Toumazi Physio About us - Vania Toumazi

Vania Toumazi

Vania Toumazi was born in 1983 in Larnaca, Cyprus. Through out her childhood, she followed her father around to his work and grew fond of Physiotherapy.

In 2006, she obtained her BSc in Physiotherapy, also from the National Sports Academy of the “Vasil Levski University, in Sofia, Bulgaria and in 2008 she obtained her MSc in Traumatology. That same year, she returned back to Cyprus and started working along her father while she continues to educating herself and evolving her skills.

Vania is also specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) and in BOBATH which concerns neurological rehabilitation and is also known as Neuro – Developmental Treatment (NDT).

As the next navigator of the physiotherapy center, she works hard to have the best possible results, conserving the standards that her father set forth years earlier, building and expanding on them. She has given to the center a new boost of evolution, capable of dealing with future challenges today.

 Toumazi Physio About us - Christakis Toumazis

Paraskevi Neophytou

Paraskevi Neophytou was born in January 1998.

She completed her degree in physiotherapy at the European University of Cyprus in 2020 and she is pursuing her postgraduate degree in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation at the University of Nicosia.

Further to her education, Paraskevi also completed additional courses to expand her knowledge and experience, like Clinical Pilates (therapeutic Pilates), Ergon technique (Ergon technique – soft tissue mobilization technique), Dry needling (dry needle technique) and Cupping therapy (suction therapy).

She has joined our team in 2020.

 Toumazi Physio About us - Christakis Toumazis

Kyriakos Pasenidis

Kyriakos Pasenidis was born in June 1986.

He completed his degree in Physiotherapy at the TEI of Central Greece, Physiotherapy department.

He has obtained his current experience by working for several years in rehabilitation of football players and track and field athletes.

He joined our Physiotherapy Center in 2013 and ever since, he is focusing on both the rehabilitation of athletes and children with disabilities.

 Toumazi Physio About us - Christakis Toumazis

Katiana Ioannou

Katiana Ioannou was born in September 1987.

She completed her studies in the field of Marketing at Intercollege Nicosia in 2009 and continued her studies in Office Administration at the University of Nicosia in 2013.

She has become a valuable member of our team since 2019 in the position of the Administration Assistant.

 Toumazi Physio About us - Christakis Toumazis

Solomos Agapiou

Solomos Agapiou was born in September 1989.

He completed his degree in Physiotherapy at the European University of Cyprus in 2013 and since then, he specializes in neurological diseases for adults.

He has been working at our center since 2013.